The Venture Studio Approach

The Solution - The Power of 1

The resources you need under 1 roof…a 1-stop shop. Rather than needing 10 vendors, you now have 1. Our bundled packages and custom proposal capabilities cover all the bases to help you avoid common pitfalls, remove roadblocks, and choose a winning path. We are hands-on co-entrepreneurs that care about your business, start to finish. We save you time, headaches, and money. This means that you own your business, your business doesn’t own you.

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How It Works

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What is the Industry Standard of Entrepreneurship?

Use this calculator to view the normal cost of doing business. These numbers are based on Industry Averages. Once you compare these costs please scroll down to view our Venture Studio Packages.

Estimated Costs of Graphic Design
Estimated Costs of Websites
Estimated Costs for Sales Copy – Including Website, Collateral, Packaging, Etc.
Purchased Leads for Business Marketing (1000 Lead Quanities)
Amount of employee’s you plan on paying yearly (average marketing employee with benefits $42,000/Year)


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